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There are many escorts working in London but no one is more delicious and exquisite than Gorgeous Stephanie of London. This young lady has been working as part of a team of Mayfair escorts in London for the last five years, and quickly made a name for herself on her arrival in London. Stephanie loves the art of escorting, and has studied it all over the world. Her dream was to be a French courtesan, but those times have rather passed. Stephanie is a cut above all other London escorts with her long legs and brunette hair which blows in the wind as she walks. A lot of the escorts in London on her team envy her, and are always try to copy her style and everything she does.

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Taking a closer look at Gorgeous Stephanie, we will soon discover that she is perfect from head to toe. She has the gift of the perfect ass. It is not too big or too small, it is just one of those asses that all escorts would like to have. Men say that they like to grab hold of it and let it overflow in their hands. Stephanie is the perfect ride which ever way you would like to look at. When she clenches her lovely bottom, a perfect dimple forms in each cheek and for most guys this is just the perfect finishing touch. Stephanie sports a perfectly natural 34D bust with two of the most suckable nipples ever seen. No enhancement required at all, this bust is just perfect from start to finish. Stephanie loves to play, and when you come to her boudoir, you will be invited to play games. The games may just surprise you a bit. There is something for everyone in these games, and Stephanie will quickly figure out which game you like the most. She does not hesitate to use her entire body as a massage tool, and you may find yourself rubbed and squeezed in ways you wouldn’t have thought possible. Now, the question is, Stephanie is ready for you – are you ready for the most exquisite London escort?

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I am going to be honest. I have a thing about having sex in high places. My London escort friends think I am totally crazy but I really get turned on by heights. When I worked as part of a team of London escorts, I always use to tell them about my height fetish. The escorts in London agency I worked with knew that I was always trying to get my boyfriends to fuck me in high places. To most people, and to my escorts friends, this seems like a really weird fetish. I don’t know how it came about but I would really go out of my way to date someone who also liked having sex in high places. Fortunately, most London escorts are quite normal and don’t go home and ask their partners to have sex with them in strange places. One of my best friends who worked as part of my London escorts group, thinks this is a really weird obsession and I should see a shrink about it. So, where are my favorite high places to have sex?


I have a real thing about balconies, and I just love everything about them. When I was single I lived in a flat and I spent lots of time out on my balcony. I had my own little garden, and it didn’t matter to me that it was on the 7th floor. As far as I was concerned, the high the better. It was difficult enough to find a guy to have sex with me in high places, and it was even more difficult to find a guy to have sex with me on my balcony. I did not have a bed on my balcony but I did have a table or it was up against the wall. My dream position would have been being fucked from behind whilst leaning over the railings but I could never find anyone to agree to that. London escorts dream of sex on the London eye

Of course, balconies are not the only place that turns me on. I also have a thing for roof terraces, lifts but my big dream would be to do it on the London eye. I am not normally into public places but the London eye with its amazing views would just be a dream location for me. Okay, it is a bit of odd fetish but just one of those things that my husband has to live with I am afraid. Such as shame he is scared of heights… Now where is Andy’s phone number.